Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Shrunken Sweater

Lately I've been so busy that I didn't realize that I put my favorite light gray v-neck cable knit sweater in the laundry basket, of course, my mother washed it. You can imagine the result, it became so small that it doesn't fit my nine-year-old sister, she isn't petite, but it's kind of depressing. I tried to stretch it a little, but it's still very, very small. So, I realized, that I couldn't fix everything in life, not even if I like it that much, not even if it was my favorite.
Of course, I'll save some money a buy a new one, I saw it at the store today, maybe I'll be another color, but that's not the problem at all.
I had a strange reality check when I gave up on fixing it, I also gave up on fixing important things, things in life so important but can't no longer be fix, when something's broken, believe me, it's broken. Even if you stretch, use the super glue or make an extra effort for a special friendship and get no results, well, that's the end. I know, it's kind of dumb writing this, but sometimes we need to hear "you can't fix it". It's important to understand that sometimes we do have to let go.
People are already thinking about 2010, but I just finish right this year. To be completely honest it has been most definitely exhausting, but it's not going to stop me from closing unsolved issues before the clock strikes midnight.

I'll blog about my new years resolutions later!

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