Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

The holiday season is officially over, no more turkey, no more presents, no more champagne. I must say it's been pretty exhausting, as much as love Christmas and Thanksgiving I'm kind of relived that they are only once a year. Why? I don't have a clue, I guess preparing a great thing is stressful, especially if your Zodiac sign is Virgo like mine, we just can't understand that perfection is not an obligation.
Since yesterday I've been reading my horoscope and I don't really understand anything they say, but it doesn't matter, from now on I'm trying to have a more unpredictable life, if you don't what's going to come it's got to be more fun, who doesn't love a surprise? I didn't like the year 2009, it was really difficult for me, it came with so many tough changes and strange decisions to accept, that's why I want to embrace this new year, 2010 baby!
Anyway, like other mortals I've made my New Year's resolution list, it might seem a little bit superficial, but trust me, that's what I'm trying to avoid to do.
1) Say more frequently "Why the hell not?".
2) Do some exercise to avoid failing my bikini test and to get a better night's rest.
3) Eat healthier, it's another way to say "I want to loose 10 pounds".
4) Say goodbye to unstable friendships and find new ones.
5) Stay away from H&M, I've been shopping way to many times in those amazing stores. (I find this resolution really difficult, impossible I must say.)
6) Start to rock a more natural look, especially my makeup style, liquid eyeliner isn't always necessary.
7) Be more open to love, men that is, I have to give a chance to guys I would never consider an interest in 2009.
8) Commit to something, like my blog for example.
9) Take out for walk once in a while my inner "She Wolf".
10) Live my life without caring what people say or want, don't get me wrong, I'm not a rebel, just want to be a free spirit.

That's it is people! Here are some pictures and sets that I took and made during this great holiday season.

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