Sunday, November 8, 2009

Europe Music Awards 2009

I know that the VMAs are great, but for some reason I think that the EMAs are more fun, everybody looks so relaxed. I loved all the performances and most of the winners (of course I voted). I wished Lady Gaga would have enjoyed the creative freedom of Europe and done something great, but she didn't make it to the show. Jay-Z proved again to everyone that he's a living legend, U2 amaze me because they're still going strong after all these years and fame, Shakira was sexy and her "She Wolf" came out to play on the stage, and Beyonce? Oh, Beyonce! What a breath taking woman, I think her performance was kind of short, but it was still amazing. She also proved that she has charisma by saying in her winning speech (Best Video-Single Ladies): "Okay, there’s only one person I wanna thank… And that is Jay for putting a ring on it". It was a great show, I loved the whole "Katy Kat Club" idea, it was very creative and Miss Perry was a great host too.

"Beyonce" is the only word I can use to describe this video.

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